• Strat-Style, Singlecoil Pickup

  • £7.15

  • Description

    Strat-style single coil pickup for cigar box guitar.

    Plain "pole-less" black cover. 5.2 K Ohm resistance. Generous 250mm shielded wires for simple hook-up to jack or controls.

    Ideal for 3, 4 or 6 string guitars. Supplied with mounting screws.

    Available with optional stainless steel mounting ring (incl fixing screws). This makes the pickup easier to fit, as the mounting ring can hide any rough edges left after cutting the mounting hole through the top of the cigar box.

  • Strat-Style singlecoil pickup ideal for Cigar Box Guitar
  • Strat-Style singlecoil pickup with mounting ring ideal for Cigar Box Guitar

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