Chickenbone John - The Godfather of the Cigar Box Guitar



I don't do normal guitars...but what I do is always unique and with my own personal slant on things...why not take a look around?  I make cigar box guitars (and lots of other types of stringed instruments too), play them, teach people how to build their own guitars...and how to play them too.

They call me "The Godfather of the cigar box guitar"...

If you are looking to buy a cigar box guitar, please note that due to recent exceptional demand in continental Europe and the UK, my stock level is very low. I am working on more guitars right now and my focus is on getting my custom orders completed before Christmas. Everything that we have listed in the online shop is in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

CHRISTMAS POST - Please note the latest dates for us receiving your order for delivery before Christmas are:

UK  - Thursday 18th December

Europe and USA - Monday 15th December

If you do want a Chickenbone John guitar, please drop me an email, I can advise you on when  I expect to have more stock for sale, or you can place an order for a custom instrument.  I'm always happy to discuss  individual requirements and ideas for new guitars.