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      • New parts...made in the UK!!!

        We've just had some new stainless steel parts made, and I'm so pleased that we can get this done right here in the UK.  It's all cut on some very powerful and hugely expensive laser cutting machinery , so of course it's not something that we do in-house. What is...

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      • Pilgrimage to Bremen

        Autumn, and time for me to make the annual pilgrimage to Bremen to attend the Van Thom Weekender, accompanied by my travelling companion of old, Hollowbelly. It's an  extravganza of alternative music organised by Andreas Reidel, aka DJ Tourette van Thom, and a great opportunity to catch up with old...

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      • The Eight Days Of Glastonbury

        Glastonbury -  the biggest greenfield music festival in  the world. Way back in October 2015, me and my sales manager (my daughter Anne) decided we'd have a go at getting a trade stand there...why not?! Anne dowloaded all the forms - there was an enormous amount of info that they needed...a complete inventory...

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      • Jamming with Ian Siegal

        A few weeks back I got an invitation to a party of an old friend of mine, from back in the days when I'd just started playing guitar again. He's got married, and at the time didn't have proper celebration party..so this was their party, and he told me that...

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      • Internet forums...I try keeping away but sometimes I can't help myself.

        Over the past year or so I've voluntarily absented myself from a lot of internet discussions, as I've found that proffering advice sometimes results in some unpleasant postings in return. It's not that I want to appear to be a know-it-all, or force my way of doing things on people,...

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