I don't do normal guitars...but what I do is always unique and with my own personal slant on things...why not take a look around?  I make cigar box guitars (and lots of other types of stringed instruments too), play them, teach people how to build their own guitars...and how to play them too.

They call me "The Godfather of the cigar box guitar"...

If you are looking to buy a cigar box guitar, please note that due to recent exceptional demand in continental Europe and the UK, my stock level is very low. I am working on more guitars right now and my focus is on getting my custom orders completed. If you do want a Chickenbone John guitar, please drop me an email, I can advise you on when  I expect to have more stock for sale, or you can place an order for a custom instrument.  I'm always happy to discuss  individual requirements and ideas for new guitars.

Double Three guitar

Here's the latest guitar off the bench...a guitar with three double courses of strings. It's the first time I've made one like this, and I'm pretty impressed with the sound. It's strung with octave pairs, like a 12 string, so gives a great jangly full sound...I'll be making another!


New guitars...

Back from a great Muddy Roots Europe festival, just getting over Upton on Severn Blues here's one from a batch of new guitars fresh out of my workshop and  ready to go.  I love these little Oliva boxes..they allow me to build a full 2-octave neck and they sound great acoustically.

Find them on sale here..



Workshop & gig at Hayfest, Derbyshire

I'm very pleased to been asked to play at this event...Andy Fairweather Low is headlining on the Friday night (sorry about the name drop!). On Saturday I'll be playing, and also running one of my "Make and Play" workshops. In conjunction with Hayfest, I'm offering a special day ticket and workshop combo deal for only £50 (normal workshop price £40 plus day ticket £20 ...SAVE £20!!)

Combo deal tickets available on my online shop:


Another custom build ready to go out..long scale dulcistrummer..I love the chiming tone from these lightly strung guitars with the double course top string. Laminated cherry and maple neck with black walnut fretboard and lovely supersmooth Van Gent deluxe tuners.

New Shop

The updating of my online shop has been long overdue.  I'm no computer expert, and I'm happiest strumming a guitar and cutting lumps off a piece of wood until it looks like a guitar, but I've made an effort and I hope you'll find things a bit better with the new shop set-up. There's some new guitars, new parts, components and a completely new pricing system for shipping which should tackle the issue of getting prices for overseas orders.

Check it out here -



All packed and ready to go...

It's just a little bit busy at the ChickenHaus..this week's orders packed and ready to go if you've bought a guitar, kit, parts, books, shirts they are. I have to do well as making all this stuff, I have to "pick 'n' pack" all the items, but they are all ready and will be going out shortly...and later today collecting another batch of Diamond bottlenecks, looking at a venue for this year's Boxstock, and dropping in to see Trevor Steger of Babajack.

Two New Guitars

Just completed for handing over at this Saturday's workshop in Bristol. An Arturo Fuente with mini-humbucker and one piece neck, and a rather more full-on reso, with a three piece laminated neck, Baltic birch body, stained black and finished in gunstock oil, "Continental" reso cone and minihumbucker...I must make one for myself one of these days, but I've got lots more custom orders to get out of the way before then.

First guitar of the year just finished

Just got this finished, at long last! I'm steadily working through through my backlogged order book, so if you are waiting for a guitar or a uke...I'm on the case.

New Year - New Guitar Kits

Due to popular demand I've brought out  a cigar box guitar kit - it's a development of my "make and play" workshop guitar, but comes with a nicer plain wooden box, hardwood neck and pre-slotted fretboard, fretwire and and a single coil pickup. It also comes with step by step instructions, and as a special deal  it's also available with a copy of "Handmade Music Factory" - save £5.00!  Everything you need to make a great 3 string fretted guitar. It uses the same components and materials as my new entry level guitars.


The Chickenbone John Signature combo amp is on its way

What's this you may ask? The  Chickenbone John amp of course!! In my constant efforts to come up with new and exciting products, I've teamed up with THE solid state amp guru, Stewart Ward of Session amps to develop my own "signature" combo amp. I'll be using the brand new Session "Blues Baby" amp in my own custom cabinet, to deliver 22 Watts of delicious blues power into a 12" speaker, sweetened up with a nice serving of Accutronics spring reverb. This thing is designed to go head-to-head with the Fender Blues Junior, and man, it delivers. It's loud and goes from a  lovely mellow clear tone to a raunchy aggressive overdriven bite.  I love my old Sesionette combo and it's little brother backup amp the Rockette 20, so I'm really pleased to be able to move forward in this way. The Sessionette has proven to be robust and great sounding in a compact package (sometimes known as the "British Mesa Boogie" - yes, it really is that good), and this new amp looks set to continue that great tradition  - a certain Mr Eric Clapton used Session amps on one of his albums, so it's got some pedigree. Early in the New Year I aim to be road-testing the new combo...and I already have a certain well known player champing at the bit to try one out. Watch this space!!!