• Hollowbelly - "Back On The Ward"

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    The latest CD from Hollowbelly, the UK's punk blues innovator. Recorded in Hamburg at Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! Studios in the good old-fashioned way - on vintage analogue equipment with no overdubs, this is the nearest thing you'll get to the experience of seeing and hearing the man himself in live performance.

    1. Mark of Cain

    2. Back On the Ward

    3. Save Your Soul

    4. One of These Days

    5. Gonna Go Down South

    6. Save Your Tears for the Living

    7. Found My Woman Out

    8. I Dreamt I Saw an Angel

    9. She Don't Love Me No More

    10. Hold Me Close

    11. You Got What I Want

    12. Come Knock On My Door

  • Hollowbelly - "Back On The Ward"
  • Hollowbelly - "Back On The Ward"

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