• Fretboard - Slotted Wide (for 6 string)

  • £18.50

  • Description

    Walnut guitar fretboard, slotted with 24 frets plus zero fret position.

    6mm thick, 68mm wide, 24 3/4 long.

    Suitable for 6 string guitars.


    The zero fret slot gives you 4 options for the nut installation:

    a) Cut off the fretboard at the zero fret for conventional nut.

    b) Slot the fretboard behind the zero fret for Fender style nut.

    c) Slot the fretboard centered on the zero fret for machine screw / bolt nut.

    d) Install a zero fret with a string spacing nut behind. 

    Each fretboard comes with an easy to follow illustrated instruction sheet about these nut installation options. 

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