• Blues Box 3 string guitar + JamJar amp + Lead -SPECIAL BUNDLE

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    As well as our popular "Blues Box" 3 string guitar, we are now offering this special package of guitar, amp and lead. It's everything you need to get going and make some noise. There's no volume control on the guitar or amp..its on eleven all the time, as Spinal Tap would say, so we provide 2  free sets of earplugs for your partner, household or neighbours!!


    It's a cheap and cheerful way for getting into playing 3 string cigar box guitar. All you need to do is fit the strings, tune up and away you go. Comes with a glass slide, instruction booklet and CD.

    Short scale (22") fretless maple neck.

    Machine screw bridge and nut

    Open back tuners

    Passive piezo pickup.

    Fibreboard box body (sorry, but you don't get a real cigar box for this money!)

    It's a great little package, and an ideal introduction to 3 string guitar. We recommend fitting a smaller diameter bolt at the nut to bring the action down, and supply one with the kit.

    Here's what you get:



    Supercool little 1/4 watt amplifier handmade in Wales and housed in a traditional jam jar.

    The speaker is neatly incorporated into the screw-on lid, and there's a little red LED that lights up when you plug in. Easily accessible 9 volt battery - simply unscrew the lid and to change the battery. Not only is this a handy little practice amp, but thanks to the output jack, you can use it in it in 3 different ways:

    1. 1/4 Watt amplifier with built-in speaker. 
    2. Use the output to drive speaker cabinets of 8 - 16 Ohms, sounds great through a Marshall 4 x 12 cab!!! 
    3.  Use it as an overdrive pedal. WARNING-  turn your amp down before plugging in with this as an overdrive unit...it is LOUD!!


    Classic "Leem" cloth covered lead with plated metal 1/4" jack plugs.

    10 foot long (3 metre)

    This is an ideal Christmas present for the guitarist who has everything. Ideal for campfire or holiday jamming - compact and lightweight.  A simple and effective package, guaranteed fun - and for the money, it can't be beaten. Buy this as a package and you'll £5.00 save on the combined postage on all three items if bought separately.

    PLEASE NOTE - In order to offer the best deal on the shipping price, we are not shipping outside of the UK on this item through this shop (this is due to the automated settings in our online shop software). Sorry about this, but the good news is that you can also get it on our eBay shop through the eBay international shipping programme.



  • Blues Box 3 String Guitar Bundle - Blues Box, Jam Jar AMP, Lead
  • Blues Box 3 String Guitar
  • Blues Box 3 String Guitar
  • Blues Box 3 String Guitar
  • 'Jam Jar' Mini Amplifier

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