• 3 String Guitar Kit + "Handmade Music Factory" Book

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    Everything you need to make your own 3 string cigar box guitar. All you need to add is some wood glue and materials for putting a finish on the neck and box. Everything else is included, and you only need a few basic tools to make your very own instrument. Comes with clear and simple step by step illustrated instructions. Plus "Handmade Music Factory", a great book packed full of ideas and step-by step guides on the various processes of making cigar box guitars and other home-grown instruments.

    This is the deluxe model - it comes with a slotted fretboard, frets and a single coil electric pickup. Included in the kit are: Cherrywood, Meranti or Poplar (subject to availability) neck blank and heel lamination blank - the headstock is already shaped to take the tuners. Walnut fingerboard, already pre-slotted. Fretwire (high quality Van Gent, made in the EU) Internal fixing blocks. Open back machineheads, bushings  and screws. Walnut floating bridge with fretwire saddle fitted. Machine screw nut. Aluminium rivet string ferrules. Screws for neck fixing and string guide. Single coil electric pickup"Alpha" volume control. Cream or Black (subject to availability) Chickenhead control knob. 1/4" jack socket, set of 3 Zilpha Newtone hexcore nickle custom gauge strings and illustrated instructions.

    These kits can be made-up either right or left handed.


    The kit is based on my "make and play" workshop guitars, but with some added refinements - hardwood neck-stick with thru' neck heel lamination, hardwood fingerboard and a nice quality blank box. Also include are some old- timey style graphics, edge strips and paper seals so you can decorate the box. The fretboard is pre-slotted, so your first venture into making a fretted guitar is made easy - all the hard work of measuring and slotting the fretboard is done for you (I slot my fretboards on a custom table saw rig using a CNC cut fret template for superb accuracy). With nearly 1000 "make and play" workshop guitars made, you are sure of a kit that will go together and play properly. Also, the components and material are EXACTLY the same as I use in my new line of entry level 3 string guitars - no compromises, no short cuts.


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